Saturday, July 8, 2006

Replanted - PICA, July-August 2006

Replanted - small songs unearthed while weeding

a little suite of video works that I have curated for PICA, and is showing NOW in their new screen space until the 6th August. The description goes:

explores the possible worlds beneath our feet, in our backyards and all the way to the bus-stop. Five artists from across the globe re-plant their immediate environments with songs for the everyday".

It is a really quirky little collection of works from all over the globe... I love them. And if you don't happen to live in Perth (like me), fear not. You can see the artist's works (or at least info about the artists and stills) in the links to the lineup of works below:

Lycette Bros (Aus) - Automata
1st Avenue Machine (USA) - Sixes Last
Jakub Dvorsky (CZ) - Plantage
Fredo Viola (USA) - The Sad Song
Marek Brandt (GER) - Songs for Animals

happy gardening.

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