Thursday, September 28, 2006

weave 1 - fire escape, RMIT

weave 1 - the fire escape - incredibly cold, but not as windy as yesterday. materials were jute string and blu-tac. it took me about 4 hours from start to finish

so strange to have nothing green or moving in the vista - quite unnerving.

the vista

the loom structure (ish)

each cross-over had to be stabilized for the framework so not utterly warp out of shape immediately...

i tried a number of methods - just going with the string tho really - all fuzzy and snaggy - and off a ball so tendancy to loop back on itself ("jute memory")

finito - so strange to spend so long on such a porous structure...

the aftermath - i pulled the weave off the wall - very tired + shaking with cold - dissected the blutac - and it stayed together... here on floor of fire escape

the view down... really put an edge on things when strtching (ontop of chair) to reach the top of the window - this explains why the very top of the weave is rather sparse...

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