Thursday, May 10, 2007

Banff Centre

view from my studio, looking west

just to clarify, I am going to be at the Banff Centre for the following 7 weeks as part of the Imaginary Places residency, thanks to the Banff Centre and Ozco. While I'm here I'll be researching and making work around the perception of landscape and the space between the organic and simulated in nature. And it's really quite an optimum place to explore all that stuff, being in the middle of a National Park and all.

The setup is really quite grand and the facilities are pretty bloody impressive. My bedroom, a hotel-esque room in a central accommodation building, looks east, over Tunnel Mountain and up the Bow valley. My studio looks west, out over the river and the town of Banff proper. There is a dining hall, a olympic pool, a library, a television studio and a papermaking studio, to mention some of the bits. The centre itself funds all this with big conferences and the like, so there's always lots of people walking around with lanyards swinging from their necks and discussing superannuation with each other.

It is quite different from anywhere I've ever been.

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