Wednesday, June 6, 2007

sun shadow experiments pt.1

the sun on my studio windows here shows up suddenly at 2pm in the lower right-hand corner of my windows and rotates around, filling the windows, until it sets behind the building next door, creating a strange diagonal wipe as it disappears behind the angled roof.

decided to play with this as an entrance to sun shadow animation works which i have been plotting , but not tried, for a year or so now.... so - sheets of butcher's paper on the insides of my windows, grass from the hillsides of the Banff centre taped to the outside of my windows, and we begin. I found this process very hard see through to a point where it actually worked - the intricacy required does not come natural to me - and the results were quite different to what i expected. however, one i got into it, some lovely things occurred... i hope to do more if the sun pokes its head out again during my stay here...

so in a nutshell, a frame was taken every 15 seconds over a period of about 7 hours (2pm-9pm) - which resulted in capturing the passage of the sun and also the movement of the elements infront of the windows over a period of time - a sortof friendly-flickering effect... but quite unsettling too. there is something here that I shall pursue...

grass shadows 01:
animation still - approx 2.30pm

animation still - approx 6pm

animation still - approx 8.15pm

animation still - approx 8.45pm - only the ghost remains...

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