Thursday, July 26, 2007

Forgetting you is like breathing water (excerpt)

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a little excerpt of one of my Banff residency works, posted to my new page....

Medium: single channel digital video - camera obscura (window, pierced card, paper screen), high-definition stills collated into digital video timelapse, stereo sound.

Audio: Veðurathugan - Ben Frost

Forgetting you is like breathing water chronicles the passing of a single day in the Bow Valley of the Canadian Rocky Mountains. Using an accurate starchart of the night sky for that date and place on earth, a starfield of pinholes are transferred to a sheet of card, which is placed against a large, west-facing exterior window. The light from these pinholes, projected onto a paper screen inside the room, results in an array of camera obscura images of the outside mountain scene, arranged in the pattern of the constellations above.

Over the course of this day, from dawn until dusk, the light upon the screen is recorded at a rate of one image every 20 seconds. These images have then been collated in series to create a unique time-lapse document in high definition digital video. Tiny, multiple and ever-changing views of rainstorms, mountains, cloudbanks and sunlight all merge over the course of the day to create an abstract universe. This piece aims to provide a new way of approaching landscape and the everyday, through what has always been there

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