Monday, October 8, 2007

Birds in the laneways

I forgot to mention that tomorrow night (tuesday 8th), i'm doing projections for the opening of the Sydney Laneways project - which supposedly marks the 'revitalisation of Sydney's laneways'...

At any rate - there will be drinks and music in Albion Place tomorrow night from 6 till 8pm. Albion Place is off George St, near the cinemas. This will also be the opening of Albion Place's 'window boxes' - sortof lightbox-shaped but not necessarily lightbox constructions along the laneway. The inaugural exhibition in these new thingamys is curated by the very wonderful Knot Gallery tribe.

I made the projections for this event from some of the animations I was working on during my time on the Imaginary Places residency at Banff. They are sort of static video states with only the wind to power them. I like the intermittent motion of them, and the clean lines of the silhouettes. Sun, grass, birds and wind.. can't beat 'em.


Tanya said...

Hi Kirsten,

Owen (your partner in crime at Kiama high) put me on to your work which I really like. You must be so happy about your project with Fiona. Anyway I thought you might also like

Keep up the good work at Milkwood -it's inspiring stuff.


the june fox said...

aw thanks tanya - yay for that link bigtime! Yep, pretty stoked about fiona - just been going thru some trials in life so a bit slow on the uptake of that project, but i cannot, cannot wait - say hi to owen for me? xk

Anonymous said...

Just surfing around the blog world. This is a great read; I'm adding you to my Google Reader feed!