Thursday, January 24, 2008


planetarium facets in progress - model test

It is always best to finish off an idea before moving on. I don't want any un-requited projects haunting me when i get old, following me around the house and nipping at my old-lady slippers.

So the forests need to wait a week or two before being allowed to cloud my vision entirely. I need to make that planetarium first.

About 6 months ago, a Canadian artist, Shaunna Dunn, mentioned the phrase 'cardboard constellations' in my presence. The phrase stuck to me. And that turned into an idea for a cardboard planetarium, that could just sit, alone, in a laneway or a street.

the cutting room floor... many boxes met their death here today...

A cardboard dome, punched with pinholes. The sunshine comes through the pinholes, and becomes the stars. In this little dark cardboard place. It's a moments visual silence in the middle of the city. Stargazing as you would on a mountain top, but not. You're in some noisy laneway. In the daytime. But the stars are there too. Powered by the sun. A simplified simulation of what we can no longer see, where most of us live...

So. Cardboard is me. I am cardboard. And paper binders. And starcharts of the sydney sky in summer.

permanent curvature of the spine from 12 hours cutting corrugated cardboard with stanley knife in an un-ergonomic position

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