Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Upcoming exhibition at Firstdraft

solar-powered planetarium, Hyde Park, Sydney, 22nd February 2008

About, above: Exhibition

Kirsten Bradley

Firstdraft Gallery, Sydney
2-19 April 2008

Artist talk: Saturday 19 April, 4.30pm

About, above is a project that considers the plausibility of making natural systems out of cardboard. Drawing on our enduring fascination with the night sky and the space beyond, About, above prods the viewer with gentle questions. The project explores ideas regarding our emotive reactions to natural systems, and investigate our relationship with natural pattern- recognition and our capacity for wonder, in the face of disbelief.

A project in two parts, About, above invites the viewer into a world of lo-fi nature through participatory sculpture and installation. A suite of solar-powered cardboard planetariums in the streets of Sydney, and a camera obscura universe at Firstdraft Gallery both draw in part on early texts and representations of the night sky, as well as ideas of pattern, navigation, simulation, geocentricism and the peculiar nature of light.

About, above aims to consider how we choose to navigate through our worlds, and how we choose what it is that we see.

Documentation and process of About, above can be found here.

About, above room sheet: click each page to enlarge

The artist would like to thank the Directors of Firstdraft for being such a sterling crew, Fiona Hall for her encouragement and mentorship, Nick Ritar for being himself, Jack Barton for his truck, Michelle McKosker for her enthusiasim, and Sofie Loizou for her floor and her friendship. Thanks also to John Power for his ongoing discussion and to Experimenta for facilitating the Fiona Hall mentorship.

This project has been made possible by Firstdraft Gallery through their Emerging Artist-in-residence program, and by EXPERIMENTA through their Media Art Mentorship program. Firstdraft is supported by NSW Ministry for the Arts and the Australian Government through the Australia Council for the Arts, its arts funding and advisory body.

EXPERIMENTA 's Media Art Mentorship project has been assisted by the Australian Government’s Young and Emerging Artists Initiative through the Australia Council, its arts funding and advisory body. EXPERIMENTA gratefully acknowledges the assistance of CraftSouth to the EXPERIMENTA Media Art Mentorship Program.


Anonymous said...

would love to see your show - but in Melbourne and Bendigo with loads of work on...

Maybe your work might come to Melbourne or even Bendigo one day so no excuses for me!

Anonymous said...

i liked it, and blogged it.
http://www.weedyconnection.c om/blog/2008/04/23/about-above/