Sunday, March 12, 2006

beginnings on a very hot day...

rightio - first public post is go... Ive been using this livejournal so far to catalogue thoughts and notes for my recently embarked-apon Masters degree at AIM here in Melbs, but thought I'd expand to the inevitable blog....

by way of introduction (once only) - I live in Melbourne, Australia with my partner Nick and a small black cat. I make art that tends towards the new-media-ish end of the spectrum, mostly as part of Cicada with Nick and the extrodinary Ben Frost, and at other times via my own devices. I grew up by the ocean in NSW and a big part of me is still selkie but cities are just too fascinating and packed with lovely + interesting people doing delicious and inspiring stuff.

Currently, I am going through a phase of obsessive research on timelapse and organic animation (bring on any leads or thoughts anyone) - which is NOT directly related to David Attenborough's recent spate of gorgeous bug-focused doco's, altho of course I delay all other plans in order to watch them each sunday.

and on with the show..

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