Thursday, September 7, 2006

kitchen centipedes - mark 1

with JP on tuesday we discussed centipedes nd the idea of a derivative motion - an algorithmic motion of a secondary piece of the form (a read bead on each spine, for example) which moved in its own form in each frame, independant of, altho maybe derivative of, the spines themselves - very excited by this idea, which could lead to nicely embedded timebases, however need to get the language right first - so constructed a centipede with wodden cubes on each end of each spine, and one red bead per spine which would oscillate back and forth, at one bead-length per spine. No not derivative of anything, but a way to get going.

due to the centipedes spines + the end cubes being wood-coloured, and My need to work on a vertical surface to get a wide enough shot (rather than a tabletop), I had planned to work on the wall of the studio. only the centipede blended in too much with my cream walls - good camoflage but unhelpful for this purpose. so I decamped to our kitchen with its swiss-esque wooden panelling. better contrast. fair bit of daylight which is good for the soul but not for a static shot. oh well.

as usual, the canon battery went dead half way thru. very much looking forward to that power supply arriving. the second one was done with the little sony, which hated the low light and the anim is therefore fuzzy and crappy. i also seem to have gone alot faster in the second one, which is clearly not the go.

The secondary motion - the red bead - made some nice patterns and symmetries when on a static oscillatory path, but tomorro I will have it on a path such that ever frame, every red bead moves. this may be going to far for this particular piece, as it will overwhelm the rest of the motion, but might be of use in more subtle situations down the track...

it doesnt look very much like a centipede tho... bit art deco.

good days work. sore shoulders. red beads are pretty.

first kitchen centipede - sabotaged by battery - slowish
second kitchen centipede - hardwired, but fuzzy (much lower res) - slowish

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