Friday, September 8, 2006

kitchen centipedes - mark 2

good outcome - pleased - but battery ran out again. will sort tomorro - completely buggered -

doing a derivative (well, just secondary, actually) motion makes the whole process extremely long-winded - today's result was 3 hours work (which, incidentally, is the life of the battery in camera mode with the display off)... will re-visit the result on monday. too tired. good workout tho! hopefully by the end of next week my endurance will be much better.

the secondary motion was created by lining each new spine up wth the last, parallel, and positioning the bead so it was one bead further than the last. then the new spine was placed in position, and then all the beads, starting with the new one, were moved one bead-length forward. i made marks on the spine to accomodate this, but a more exact result seemed to be by judt moving each bead forward one bead length, as the marks were not exact enough. better that way anyway - you notice the change in forms relative to the neighbouring spines in a different wway to working off marks.

cooking tim+nikki a homecoming dinner tonight. prawn and coriander ricepaper rolls followed by a nick special fish curry. better go get some wine. and make the rolls. lucky we dont have a bath - i could dissolve right now...

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