Friday, May 25, 2007

first BIG snow

as in on the ground outside my window, on my balcony, on the bricks, in the trees, on my toungue ('I think the snow is quite polluted here, actually' - Simon). Everyone else was so nonchalant about it all I feared a conspiracy but thats what you get coming from the great south I expect.

The fir trees when seen from above (and below) look like the crystalline structure in the snowflakes I saw. How perfectly in conversation with the snow they are. I had a romantic crisis as I was overcome by the sheer snowiness of it all - 30 years of cumulated media, stories and movies embedded into the actual, really real thing, which was both apart from my expectations and completely muddled by them. I couldn't get those dodgy Frank Sinatra christmas songs about snow out of my head all morning - terrible, terrible.

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sribblers fly said...

oh darlin kirsten. the snow snow i aint never seen it before so i imagine the romance of it might stir a deep swoon in my heart also. your work is a total inspiration and i wish so much to be making visuals is my home but visuals are the decoration. love to you and see you in oz soon.