Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Kyla + Cara's DIY Banff residency

pussy willow (front)

for these first two weeks of my residency, fortuitous co-incidence has meant that my good sydney friends, the lovely Cara + Kyla have been shacking up at the Banff Centre, on their own little DIY residency, as my guests. Tonight they fly out to Montreal, where hopefully their rudimentary french and happy adaption skills will see them having the next stage of their globe-trotting adventure. I photographed a couple of the postcards they were making for friends yesterday, along with bits of their process diaries. Lovely stuff. The card below was my own personal souveneir, in honour of Mr Moose that we saw the other day. I hope Montreal treats them well and there are many cards yet to be coloured in...

the commemorative moose-sighting card

cara and kyla noodling away in my studio

process diary - ipod-ready Canadian Mountie

cara finishing off one...

pussy willow (back)


lucazoid said...

these postcards by k and c are great! how long will they remain in montreal?!

the june fox said...

erm.. a couple of months i believe? unless the sun shines and they set up an t-shirt enteprise and remain indefinitely... xk