Thursday, June 21, 2007

Brushing up against the wild, Banff Springs Hotel

mini banfferinas entertaining us outside our high tearoom

Susannah Wesley and Meredith Carruthers, ie Leisure Projects, produced a rather bizzare and wonderful little event at the worryingly opulent Banff Springs Hotel today. Corsages were worn, tea was served, biscuits nibbled, and then the entertainment appeared on the deck below. splendid. As it was my birthday, I was forced to drink a glass of champagne while watching it all scroll by.

In addition to our entertainment, we were presented with small embossed booklets which included the Leisure Girls dressed in Hudson Bay coats looking arther 1940's as they pointed at mountains and such. the booklets also contained an assortment of bizzare tourisim shots taken within Banff over the centuries....

Mere + Suz point at stuff in Hudson Bay coats which they returned to the store after the shoot

the leisure ladies greeting their guests at Rundle Lounge, Banff Springs Hotel

Rona, Aleesa and Melissa enjoying their tea and view

the banfferinas begin! hurrah.

the leisure ladies surveying their handiwork

Matt and Rory blending right in

mini banfferinas in process

our table decorations - a suite of different wax mountain-climbing scenes with very small men

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