Sunday, June 24, 2007

fare thee well

me hiding in a wall to avoid detection so i can stay forever - personified in Shaunna Dunn's installation in her studio

the imaginary places residency is finally over and i am very sad. In the last week, as so often happens, everyone finally let down their guards, started to relax, and had the best time of their life type thing... so there was a big summer solstice party with eveyone dressed as mythological creatures, much packing of boxes, midnight walks, a flurry of website exchanges, offers of international accommodation and more than a few tears...

first sighting of snow - moose - first chipmunk - rum+esspresso - first snowball - much laughter - new friends - much rendering - much timelapse - midnight soccer - bruised knees - very unsuccessful moss cultivation - very successful pool games - camera obscuras - the sun - the clouds - the grass - the light.

while I'm here - a couple of particularly scrumptious artists that I discovered as a result of conversations here: Joan Fontcuberta (via Ramona): truth and its nebulous nature thru photography, Chris Drury: land art meets camera obscura, Chris Curreri (via Melissa): beautiful 16mm film loops with made with pinholed landscape contours, Mai Fujimoto: whispered photography and pressed and contained small things. And of course, all the Imaginary Places artists, who saturated me with crossfire and cross-references, as we all bounced off each other for seven weeks. I can see the results of this cross-pollenation in what I made, and i can see it in others work too.

Thanks imaginaries. come stay anytime.. all at once even...

Im off to the land of the long white cloud to make microclimates in New Plymouth.

Amalie's film titles, so lovingly iced but here semi-dismantled as they get packed up to go home to Saskatoon, Sasketchuan

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