Tuesday, June 12, 2007


wanting to work with the sunlight as object as well as shadow - thought i would make up an accurate starmap of the night sky on the solstice here in Banff, punch the map with different guages of pins, and record the passage of direct sunlight through the holes onto screens mounted on the window frames - a rotating night sky fuelled by the rotating sun -

starmap - east panel for June 21st, 10pm MST - pre-hole punching

starmap - west panel for June 21st, 10pm MST mounted on window (no screen yet)

the light and landscape as projected through the pinholes and onto the screen on the window frame... camera obscura en-masse (you can see clouds outside within each image/lightpoint here)

and so I will take a timelapse from dawn till dusk each day for three days, and see what my little universe has to say... it's meant to be quite cloudy tho, so this may be rather subdued.

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