Thursday, June 7, 2007

moss mobiles - install

into the woods i went today with my soupy doilies, stretched and unstretched, looking for places to be.

the original intention of this work was to timelapse the growth of the moss mobiles as they went from skeletons to green, aboreal textures, suspended so far from origin, yet home at last...

however, time, unproven techniques and lack of cameras being of the essence here, I cannot currently really set up such a situation. esp. not with all the other sorts of situations I'm working on simultaneously. So - today i installed seven, and i will visit them each day and record their growth and general lives until my time here is up. I am not at all sure that all seven will make it through two weeks and not get munched by elk or re-purposed by someone for something... and I also don't know if the moss-soup concoction will result in moss mobiles..

i will pipe down, visit daily, observe, wait, and learn.

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