Friday, February 22, 2008

About, above: Day 1

Cardboard Planetarium, Macquarie Place, 7am

Macquarie Place, 9.20am

Hyde Park, 10.30am

Inside the Planetarium, 10.35am

Macquarie Place, 10.50am

Hyde Park, 8.15am

Three cardboard planetariums, installed throughout the Sydney CBD. You are welcome to duck inside, and to stand for a moment (or as long as you like) inside a solar-powered simulation of the night sky.

These cardboard universes, created with pinholes, contain a starchart accurate to 12 Midnight on Friday 22nd Feb, 2008. A solar-powered simulation of what is hidden, about and above, on a nightly basis... full project description.


Radagast said...

Looks fantastic!

Sadly, I couldn't make it. :(

icie said...

i found one of these, but sad to say, i knew nothing about this project and it did not occur to me to actually duck in there.

the june fox said...

thanks radagast! maybe next time... I think I'll install one in the park outside the gallery for my show in April, icie, if you want to take a peek...