Thursday, February 21, 2008

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fliers for the event - made from scraps of genuine planetariums!

About, above: Part 1

solar-powered cardboard planetariums.
Friday 22nd - Saturday 23rd February, 2008

Viewing welcome at the following locations:

Friday 22nd onwards, starting at sunrise:
Hyde Park (nr Park St)
Macquarie Place (nr Customs House)

Saturay 23rd onwards, starting at sunrise:
Belmore Park (nr Central Station)

Three cardboard planetariums installed throughout the Sydney CBD , rain, hail or shine. You are welcome to duck inside, and to stand for a moment (or as long as you like) inside a solar-powered simulation of the night sky. Full project description.

The planetariums are both delicate and temporary. Being installed, as they are, in public spaces, it is hard to say how they will fare and how long they will last. If you cannot find the planetarium that you have come to visit, it is possible that it has been re-purposed, or transplanted by someone... try visiting one of the other planetariums on the map.

Enjoy! Comments and feedback very welcome.

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