Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Anatomy, sardines and forest

Mourning Chorus - extinct fauna of Aotearoa, and grease.

Fiona Hall infront of one of the Paradisus terrestris series

Breeding Ground - 2007 - camo beehives of terrains and plant species throughout the world

Morality Dolls - the seven deadly sins - they jiggle when you pull the string...

Detail of Words

Today the head of the installation team at the MCA, Tony, said to me "this is the most intricate install that we've ever done... no, seriously..." so that's why I'm pooped. Thought there must be a reason.

Today I unpacked a variety of extinct New Zealand birds beaks (attached to the bottles of cleaning products), laid out 94 botanically rendered paintings of 94 leaves on 94 clusters of bank notes (some of the banknotes being from 1864, by the way), and also helped unpack 7 large-scale human brains with insect nests (cast in resin) hanging off them.

Fiona is holding up admirably in the face of an overwhelming number of tasks, all of which must be done by tomorrow afternoon. Both the work with the brains/insect nests and the work with the bird's beaks arrived today from the fellow who cast them, so, on top of installing a very major show, Fiona was also sighting a bunch of major new works for the very first time... two days before her opening... jeez. I would be packing it entirely...

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tamara said...

Wow just read the age article - and nearly died - 2 levels of her work - crazy

I will be hitching to Sydney!