Sunday, March 2, 2008

Counting the wings, not the feathers

Seeing Red

Titmouse Tidbit



Peril in the Petunias

Burrowing Owl

Illustration from 'The Big Golden Book of Biology'

Illustration from 'The Big Golden Book of Biology' (there's a platypus in there!)


Beetle Battle

Communal Crappies

Illustration from 'The Big Golden Book of Biology'

Ladybugs Hibernating

Charles Harper, illustrator - 1922-2007. "I don't count all the feathers, I just count the number of wings"... what a quote. Symmetry and simplicity. I very much like his work. Yes, the symmetries are setup and very stylized, but i like how he gets his point across about the re-occuring patterns within nature... and of course the works are just a pleasure to the eye. I've parked a heap of his illustrations here. Richard Scarry, eat yr heart out. This is what children's book illustrations should all be like.


tam said...

thank you - I have really enjoyed your posts - and also all your images on flikr - especially from Fiona's install - we are painting at the moment and it has given me lots to think about behind the roller

the june fox said...

yr welcome - yes install photos are hard to remember to take, but *so* revealing - its great to have a record of the process...