Monday, April 14, 2008

All in the pinhole

Installation view of my pinhole starmap at Firstdraft, prior to it being covered with a screen in order to create the camera obscura...

Camera obscura is something that I am rather in love with, and I have been ever since I made Forgetting you is like breathing water and the Ever Rotating Sky series, back in Banff last June... I do feel that this fundamentally simple yet gawkingly special technique is something that I could spend many years coming to know.

The second part of About, above is therefore a little marriage between the solar-powered-planetarium theme and camera obscura... in the form of an installation in the front gallery of Firstdraft in Sydney.

all in the name of exploring simplicity as an emotional experience, of considering light as a revered substance, and playing with patterns and tessellations and multiple images in order to create a small piece of contemplation... and, of course, the chance to create a cardboard grotto...

Gallery 3, all blacked out with cardboard - there are big windows behind said cardboard at center and at right. The starmap is holes in MDF, attached the window at the center of the image. All this needs is a rear-projection screen over the mdf (on a frame, which creates the necessary cavity between pinhole and screen), the lights turned out, and we're rolling -

my MDF-and-pinhole version of William Herschel's 1785 depiction of the Milky Way (prior to screen palcementover the top). There is an exterior window (west facing across Chalmers St) directly behind the MDF. The camera obscura starmap that is created will measure 2.5m wide by 1.5m high.

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lucazoid said...

fantastic documentary photos, kirsten! it's sweet with the lights on or off! great stuff.